Dutch contemporary artist
Harry van Gestel

Dutch contemporary artist Harry van Gestel

Harry van Gestel was born in Reusel, a small village in the south of the Netherlands in 1953. 

Harry is best known for his large and colourful abstract expressionistic paintings. Throughout his career Harry has built an extensive body of works including paintings, sculptures, drawings, flower art, performances, poetry, tapestries and books. Through his international lifestyle and many international exhibitions he has left a trail of his art that reaches from Nagasaki Japan to Los Angeles USA. Art critics and collectors have described his work as: “A feast for the eye”, and “A mind altering experience”. The works of Harry van Gestel are featured in galleries, hotels, hospitals, law firms, museums (Nagasaki Museum of Culture), in the collection of private collectors, small businesses, multinationals, and even diplomatic collections.

Since 1998 Harry owns his own gallery and studio in the city centre of Amsterdam; The Harry van Gestel gallery.

Harry has no watch, no computer, and no agenda. Harry lives completely in the moment. This state of mind, the lessons learned through his international life, the cultures he has integrated in, and the battles he has fought all come together in his artworks and his writings where Harry’s identity and soul are represented on the canvas and in the words.


solo exhibition

Harry van Gestel Sotheby's Amsterdam



“The aims and principles of the Harry van Gestel Gallery can be summarised in one word “sharing”. Much used in daily life, by many, the true meaning of the word is more than simply the equal division of individual pieces. More than anything else, true sharing is a spiritual energy. The artist Harry van Gestel has made the sharing of his energy and life experiences the primary objective of his life. He shares his energy and life experiences with all who enter his ambiance and view his colourful work. The visitor enters a world of dazzling colours and shapes, sometimes suggesting a vibrant intimacy, sometimes expressing a supersonic speed, deep silence of meditation next to a decorative single stroke of pigment conveying the message. Thus, the painter seeks to share his inner world with the beholder.

The fact that hardly any work has a title leaves ample room for the beholder’s fantasy to discover what the content of the message is to him or her personally; in no way the artist wants to limit his guest’s exploring mind. The work of art is the means of communication between artist and public, they share the experience of the inner impact and communicate without words.

The multitude and diversity of the messages that Harry van Gestel has created all over the planet, over decades, demonstrates how multi-facetted a man he is. His works cannot be labeled as any particular kind of art, the works are big and small, bright and colourful and in soft paste, bursting with explosions of color and intricate in their design and also quite minimal in the sense that one brush stroke can be enough. It is the variety of it all, that makes the visit to the Harry van Gestel gallery an explorer’s trip, a feast for the eye and scrutiny of one’s own inner world. His oeuvre is vast and significant, his life’s ambition is to share with all those who are willing to accept.

No concept of the art historical analysis “catches” his spirit, which in my opinion is a very fortunate fact. Are we to speak of Expressionism, Impressionism, Minimalism or any other –ism? The ultimate freedom of the artist allows him to express all that lives inside of him and to share all moods and emotions. Harry van Gestel is beyond any – ism and the beholder is equally free to experience whatever the inner answer to the tickling of the retina may be.

Only time will reveal the place accorded to Harry van Gestel in history.”


A global trail of colorful art

Exhibitions and international collections that include Harry's work

Harry van Gestel globe map career artist


  • 2017 - Invite only solo exhibition at Charlie's Amsterdam
  • 2015 - Solo exhibition gallery Vault17 museum district Amsterdam
  • 2013 - Vault17 collectors Night
  • 2013 - Lecture at the Einstein institute Berlin
  • 2013 - Re-opening of the Amsterdam gallery, now the Harry van Gestel Gallery
  • 2010/2013 - Study of renewal and new series
  • 2010 - Donation and support to the CUREMONOS Foundation in New Jersey for women with breast cancer.
  • 2009 - Mural at Molleges – Provence - FR
  • 2009 - Art Around the World – promotion film NL
  • 2009 - Exhibition – lecture at the Municipal Theater of Vinhedo – Brazil
  • 2009 - Project IMCA (International Museum of Contemporary Art – Vinhedo Brazil)
  • 2007 - Exhibition at the Nagasaki Museum for History and Culture – Japan
  • 2006 - Solo exhibition at Sotheby’s Amsterdam
  • 2005 - Joint exhibition with Maui Reple at Sotheby’s Amsterdam - NL
  • 2001 - Project Orixás - NL/BR
  • 1998/2012 – Painting in Vinhedo, São Paulo, Salvador, Amsterdam, Miami, Hawaii – Los Angeles, Hollywood.
  • 1998 - Bandol - Marseille, France1998 - Solo exhibition at GAIA gallery of Art - NL
  • 1998 - Took over the GAIA gallery of art
  • 1998 - Paraty, Brazil wrote his Philosophy
  • 1998 - President of the Foundation Mercurius communication through Art – NL
  • 1997 - Permanent exhibition at GAIA gallery of Art – NL
  • 1997 - St. Tropez, France
  • 1995/97 - Paris - New-York - Atelier in Althea - Spain and Mauritius – France
  • 1994 - Art manifestation Harry van Gestel: 20 years in Arnhem (exhibition in 100 businesses)
  • 1993 - Decoration renovated Eusebiuschurch tower in Arnhem
  • 1990/93 - Founding of Artist - workshops in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New-York, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago
  • 1990 - Decorations with the international couture-business N.Y.
  • 1990 - Showroom L.A. Design Centre Blue Whale Melrose
  • 1987/1990 - Master classes interior decoration and business-philosophy
  • 1987 - Producer of silk-flower line in Taiwan
  • 1984 - Decorations Plaza Hotel and Cabana Hotel Gstaad – Switzerland
  • 1981 - 1985 Projects with elderly people and handicapped; creative activities – Arnhem - NL
  • 1981 - 1983 International Art exhibitions in Mexico - USA / Colombia / Bahamas
  • 1981 - Decoration Paralympics Arnhem
  • 1980 - Owner of a wholesale in exotic dried-flowers
  • 1968 - 1973 Master-classes flower-art and garden-architecture


The Harry van Gestel Gallery supports charities all over the globe through its independent foundation Mercurius Communicatie door kunst. We currently support Het Baby Huis and Spieren voor Spieren. Contact us for more information.